Sara Dahmen

Award Winner!

The Blue Beetle WON First Prize

‚Äčin it's category for the

Little Peeps Award 2017!

The Hazad the Story Master series is designed to teach young children about many different cultures around the world, as well as remind and reinforce general lessons about sharing, friendship, manners and more.  Hazad himself is always personally invested in each of the stories he tells the children. 

The Red Ruby is a story set in Africa, focusing on generosity and community.

The Gold Egg is set in Russia, with an emphasis on friendship.

The Blue Beetle takes place in Egypt, about perseverance and hard work.

Books are colorfully illustrated in vibrant original watercolors, and are suitable for children starting at ages 4 through 10.

You may also purchase the books locally

at Blue Heron Shop in Port Washington, WI

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