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about  {Sara Dahmen}

I so hate writing bios.  Of all the words one can write, it's my least favorite exercise.  But they all say that anyone coming to a website wants to check out the "About" page.  So. 

So, in short, I'm a wife, a mother of 3 little ones, a hardcore entrepreneur and a staunch supporter of all things American and genuine.  (Though I admit I adore a trip to Europe.)  I used to own and operate an event planning company for ten years.

However, these days you'll find me making cookware from scratch in my shop. Sometimes it's vintage tinware that I smack into shape under a master smith with tools from the 1800's.

Other times it's modern tools and making my all-American, locally sourced copper cookware line and seasoning skillets or sanding spoons for the kitchenware line. Learn (or buy!) at House Copper & Cookware.

I sit on our local Library's Friends of the Library board (for the past 4 years!) and have been involved with the inception and running of the library's annual Author Literary Fest. I'm also involved at our local Port Washington book store, Craft (stop in if you're local!), am the Historian for WisRWA and the blog coordinator for Women Writing the West, as well as one of the editors of Women's Fiction Writers Association's Write On! publication.

I also, on occasion, have been known to play in the Romance category of writing.  A first take in the genre, Wine & Children, is not the usual contemporary romance, as it dives into divorce and infertility, but obviously I've never been one to stick to all the rules.  Thankfully some contest judges agree.  

My perfect day is one filled with my family and friends, writing, and a lot of watercolor paint.  I like to read the Economist, research, and keep up with obscure languages like Biblical Hebrew, Lakota, and Welsh. 

An official Author Bio can be downloaded here:

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And if you want to know anything else, feel free to email me directly at or find me on Twitter @saradahmenbooks.‚Äč