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Jane is determined, sensible, and a deeply human character. Her good sense allows her to find logical solutions to the all-too-real problems of the town. But that same earthly sensibility cannot save her from the pain of having to make some tough choices.

And Jane isn’t alone. All of Dahmen’s characters feel real. No one is perfect, but no one is a mustache-twirling villain, either. The antagonists do horrible things, but we can see why they think their actions are right. Some grudges will carry on into the next generation, but that doesn’t make the characters any less neighborly. Everyone changes by the end of the book, but most of the changes are gradual.

Perhaps it's Dahmen's experience as a metal smith that allowed her to shape her characters rather than shattering them. Jane has her disappointments, her setbacks, but she's not toppled by them. Friends who are not exactly friends aren't enemies, and they are still precious. It’s no surprise that someone who managed to beautifully tie all of her brand’s marketing together is able to seamlessly do the same for her characters.

I absolutely loved this book. It had excellent pacing, good action, and a sweet as pie resolution. Whether Ms. Dahmen will be devoting herself to another amazing book, or another incredible cookware line, I can’t wait to see what she does next. - Excerpt from Luxury Reading Reviews

The manuscript for SMITH is a finalist for Valley Forge's Sheila Award.

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in Mid-Length Contemporary Romance

Wine & Children

A contemporary romance reminding us all that while love might not come easy after divorce and children, it's never impossible.

"Id heard good and bad of the Dakota Territories but most natural fears were not as pressing as my worry that I will not hold up to the rough and tumble of western life.  I will not have running water in the bathroom, nor a library.  Most of all, I will not have the ocean."

- Jane Weber WIDOW (formerly known as Doctor Kinney's Housekeeper)

Sara Dahmen

Doctor Kinney's Housekeeper has won the Grand Prize Laramie Award

for Western Historical Fiction by the Chanticleer Book Review

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